About the Service

Established in 2012 as a mobile valeting service our eye for detail and desire for perfection meant we quickly developed into a 'detailing' service.

What is Detailing?

Do you want that fresh 'showroom' appearence that makes your vehicle stand out from the rest? Then having your vehicle detailed is the way forward. This service can revive your vehicle in most cases to better than showroom condition. How? Detailing can be segmented into three processes: cleansing, polishing and protection.

Cleansing - decontaminating the paintwork is an essential part to the process. Snowfoaming, washing and clay barring all ensure the paintwork is ready for polishing/ correcting.

Polishing/paint correction - using a state of the art machine polishing system it enhances the appearence of your vehicles paintwork. Newer vehicles tend to require an enhancement where as older vehicles might need paint correction to remove deeper defects in the paint. There are different levels of polishing available, explained below in services available...

Protection - once the paintwork has been cleansed and polished it is vital to protect the refined finish. Waxes and coatings are available.

Our Services

Here is a list of the services we provide

NEW CAR DETAIL(suitable for defect free paintwork) from £225

  • Wheels removed cleaned and sealed
  • Vehicle snow foamed and rinsed
  • Vehicle washed
  • Paintwork clay barred
  • Vehicle waxed or coating applied
  • All exterior plastics treated
  • Tyres dressed

ENHANCEMENT- suitable for vehicles relatively well maintained. From £300

  • Wheels removed, cleaned and sealed
  • Bodywork snow foamed
  • Bodywork shampooed
  • Paint clay barred
  • Paintwork inspected with sun gun
  • Singe stage machine polish
  • Swissvax wax applied by hand
  • Interior vacuumed, dusted and glass polished
  • Tyres dressed

PAINT CORRECTION - ideal for vehicles suffering more severe defects in the paint. From £600

  • Wheels removed, cleaned and sealed
  • Bodywork snowfoamed
  • Bodywork shampooed
  • Paint clay barred
  • Paint inspected with sun gun
  • Paint depth readings taken
  • First, aggressive cutting pass with machine polisher
  • Followed by second pass to refine the finish
  • Swissvax wax applied
  • Interior vacuumed, dusted and glass polished
  • Tyres dressed

Coating upgrades are available

  • Paint - Cquartz uk edition £200
  • Flyby forte glass coating £100
  • Dlux wheel coatings £100

Why upgrade to coatings? These coatings form a chemical bond with the material applied to. Consequently the protection is greater and lasts much longer than that of a tradional wax.

Also available...

  • Deep interior detail
  • Interior repairs and reconditioning
  • Interior protection
  • Convertible roof cleaning
  • Alloy wheel repairs


Get in touch

Please call to discuss your vehicles exact requirements.

Tom Icke
M: 07766012900
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